Shezad Kapadia

Manager and Principle

Mr. Kapadia is a Manager and Principal of Amsys Capital, LLC (the “Investment Manager”). Mr. Kapadia is a commercial and investment banking professional. Prior to joining the Investment Manager, Mr. Kapadia served as a director at Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking, Inc. (“Société Générale”), from September 2012 to May 2018, where he oversaw a team of associates and analysts in the bank’s Commercial and Investment Banking division. During his time with Société Générale, Mr. Kapadia played an integral role in the origination, structuring, and placing of over $3.5 billion of financings within the equity and debt capital markets. Mr. Kapadia received multiple top achiever awards with Société Générale, including being inducted into the bank’s Emerging Leaders Program.

Mr. Kapadia holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston, which he received in 2013 and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Austin, which he received in 2006. He also holds Series 63 and Series 79 licenses.

Khalid Parekh


Khalid “Ken” Parekh is a Manager of the Investment Manager. Mr. Parekh has experience building technology companies from the ground up. His vision has always been to help companies save money and increase their business profitability. Over the past twelve years he has worked towards that goal. The Investment Manager is one of a number companies that Mr. Parekh has founded and managed over the years which Mr. Parekh has collectively named the (“Amsys Group”).

Mr. Parekh started with AMSYS Innovative Solutions, LLC, which he founded in June 2006 (“AMSYS Innovative Solutions”). AMSYS Innovative Solutions started as a break-fix information technology (“IT”) shop and Mr. Parekh grew it over the last twelve years to an international IT services provider. Currently, Mr. Parekh serves chairman and chief executive officer of AMSYS Innovative Solutions.

In April 2010, Mr. Parekh founded Transwise, LLC, the next company in the AMSYS Group, where he currently serves as chairman of the board. In April 2013, Mr. Parekh founded AMSYS Services, LLC, which he currently serves as chairman of the board. In January 2016, Mr. Parekh founded AMLabel, LLC, which provides customized CMS platform designs to allow museums worldwide to manage and display gallery and exhibition object content (“AMLabel”). Mr. Parekh currently serves as president and chairman of board of AMLabel. In October 2017, Mr. Parekh founded AMSYS Blockchain, LLC, which assists companies with the implementation of block chain technologies, where he currently serves as chairman of the board. In November 2017, Mr. Parekh started to AMSYS Holding, LLC, an international group that invests in six principle verticals (“AMSYS Holding”). AMSYS Holding mission is to incubate and help grow companies to realize their full market potential. Mr. Parekh currently serves as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of AMSYS Holding. Along with AMSYS Holding, Mr. Parekh founded AMSYS Management, LLC, AMSYS Ventures, LLC and AMChart, LLC in November 2017. Mr. Parekh serves as chairman of the board in those companies respectively. More recently, Mr. Parekh founded AMSYS Foundation, LLC in June 2018, where he currently serves as chairman of the board.

In addition to founding the companies under AMSYS Group, Mr. Parekh serves the chief investment officer of Kabir Investments, LLC, which he joined in January 2013.

Mr. Parekh holds an Associate of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing from Hill Grange University which he received in 1996 and an Associate of Science degree in Economics from Houston Community College, which he received in 2000. He is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Shadrach Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Smith is the chief technology officer of the Investment Manager which he joined in May 2018 and the senior sales engineer at Amsys Innovative Solutions, which he joined in October 2017. Mr. Smith also currently services as the president and principal consultant at Austin Technology Consultants, LLC, which he founded in January 2016. Previously, Mr. Smith served as an independent consultant for PowerCore Technology Corporation from January 2016 to March 2017.

With over 15 years of experience in Linux administration, systems integration, and test engineering to push hardware and software to its limits, he is an experienced professional who will develop and manage the Investment Manager’s systems with an emphasis on security. Mr. Smith spent approximately 14 years at IBM, beginning in 1999 as quality assurance and testing and leaving in December 2015 as a power8 test engineer. While with IBM, Mr. Smith spent most of his time focusing on Linux administration. Mr. Smith was a contractor at IBM from July 2003 to March 2006. From March 2006 to April 2007, Mr. Smith left IBM to serve as a Unix administrator at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. From April 2007 to June 2015, he was a Linux Administrator at IBM and from July 2015 to December 2015 he was a Power8 Test Engineer.

Mr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, which he received in 1992.

Brad Allen

Senior Trader

Mr. Allen found his true passion for the financial markets upon entering college and chose to focus his time on becoming an independent trader. He has experience trading equities, commodities, interest rates, currencies, and cryptocurrencies as he was an early trader and miner starting in 2012.

Mr. Allen currently serves as a senior trader for the Investment Manager. Prior to joining the Investment Manager, he was an independent futures trader from March 2007 to April 2018 and co-founder of between May 2007 to January 2018.

Mr. Allen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics degree from Texas State University, which he received in 2007.

Imran Wasim

Trader / Associate

Mr. Wasim will serve as a trader and associate for the Investment Manager to assist in the daily operations of launching the Partnership. Mr. Wasim is a financial analyst with approximately eighteen months of experience of progressive accounting, financial reporting, and quantitative analysis. He joined AMSYS Holding. Prior to joining Amsys Holding, Mr. Wasim was a financial analyst at MCM Oil Tools from July 2017 to October 2017 and a financial analyst and invoice specialist for Deligh Industries from September 2016 to December 2016.

Mr. Wasim holds a Master of Science degree in Global Business and Finance from Brooklyn College, which he received in 2017 and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Brooklyn College, which he received in 2015.