Our Investment Approach

Investment Objective

AMSYS Digital Asset Fund seeks to provide Investors with above-average positive returns while managing a high level of volatility through investments in cryptocurrency markets. There is no guarantee that such objective will be achieved.

Investment Strategy

AMSYS Digital Asset Fund will look to achieve its investment objectives by leveraging its ecosystem and using sophisticated discretionary and systematic trading techniques in momentum, trend, and arbitrage trading covering multiple time horizons. Given the Partnership’s deep blockchain and cryptocurrency experience and knowledge, it will also look to invest in certain Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which meet its investment criteria and are identified as candidates for investment by its R&D team.


The ecosystem consists of Amsys Blockchain - a blockchain development and strategy company, Amchart – Amsys Group’s own blockchain project that is building a platform to put medical records on the blockchain (with its own utility token – AMC), and Amsys Mining – a full managed digital asset mining company that mines cryptocurrency for Amsys Group and external clients.

Hedging Strategy

Although primarily focused on cryptocurrencies, the fund seeks to have an ability to trade in the commodities markets both as an additional source of opportunity and as an ability to hedge against, and profit from, landscape changing world events. In a world as dynamic and fast changing as cryptocurrencies, correlations to other markets can change suddenly and drastically, and an inability to access other large worldwide markets is a limiting factor both for risk control and total return.